beautiful eve

years ago and before.

something ordinary.

24th December night;church,family gathering ,said Merry Christmas on 12pm.

was trying to find the truth definition of Christmas.

3 years ago .

I said to January ,”Welcome New Year,bye December.”

I said to February,”Second months of a new year,Christmas was over”

I said to March,”December is too far.”

I said to April,”Don’t fool me,it’s not December!”

I said to May,”May i have December?

I said to June,”Half of the year.Fast fast fast!”

I said to July,”Please come December!”

I said to August,”C’mon let me have December.”

I said to September, “Hurry up,it’s near my time to have December!”

I said to November,”I WANT DECEMBER!”

Everything 's changing

The spirit i always adore.

The atmosphere i always wait.

The songs i always fall in love.

The christmas tree , the mistletoe , the santa’s myth .

They’re all i want for christmas.

Until now.

It’s always be the same.

And i said to December,”Hello December!I Love You,Christmas!”




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