other brightside of brightspot

i'll have christmas and new year holiday in,hmm,next 17 days .
and right after holiday i'll have my first semester final exams.i should get a great score.
but till now i still don't have any enthusiasm for studying.blahh.c'mon rin,study hard!

wohoo christmas is getting closer.
brightspot market xmas edition,link
10th-13th December 2009
3rd floor Plaza Indonesia

there will be ak.'sa.ra , archive , cotton ink. , danjyo , eat , happy-go-lucky , magic happens , mayhem by muntik , nikicio , nike , and many other tenants.i want to see the unique products ,both from local and international ,like the goal of Brightspot "to gather local and international designers, artists and retailers to showcase a range of unique products". i really want to go there ,at least for a window shopping.

but unlucky me,i can't go there because i've more exciting plan to do.I wanna go to Cordana String Ensemble's Concert on December 12th 2009 at GII Gardujati Bandung.the theme is "A Christmas To Remember".i think it's gonna be a great show. hopefully i can go there.

au revoir , fellas .


  1. Hi pleased to meet you

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  2. you're welcome and pleased to meet you too :)