2010 first wishlist

I’ve this obsession : become Architect or Interior Designer.I almost applied for Art and Design School but i realize i can’t really draw such a neat and 3-dimensional sketch.I always try to.The fact ,a piece of trasketch in my sketch book.My only great ability is drawing cubes in many different scale(you can see many cubes in the corner of my junior and senior high school's books). But it makes me look like a cubic-addict-so-idiotic.

But i do love architecture and design.It’s always amaze me to see a piece of grateful art from a gifted brain with the brilliant idealism in an idea of sketching .

I just red Harper’s Bazaar Indonesia this January.I adore some interesting articles inside > Lady Gaga’s style,window display(that makes me want to become a window designer),traveling to Korea,Hongkong,Monaco,and others fashion thingy never enough to crave for.

But this Need to Know article :

WHY Project .WHY stands for Wally Hermes Yacht.A collaboration between Hermes,a fashion brand from French and Wally,yacht producer from Monaco.It’s a yacht but it looks more like home in the water.It’s so amazing,luxurious,modern,calm,and absolutely beautiful. 

Private island in a form of yacht? Crazy idea you people.

Can i have one?

seriously, you must open their official website : www.why-yachts.com and hold your breath because you will amaze with what you see  :)

au revoir,

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