this holiday after final exam is definitely S-U-C-K.
even 18 new dvds couldn't light up my days.grrr
wake up in the morning,take a bath,have a breakfast(usually sari roti's bread+ceres classic,hot coffee or milo 3in1),watch cable tv or dvds,take some snacks(bread,chocolate,cake,jelly,ice cream*you notice how MUCH sugar inside my body),watch another dvds,lunch,watch,snacks,watch,snack,little conversation with mom,read novel,sleep.
what kind of holiday is this!
i wanna find more interesting activities.but why oh why i don't have any ideas so i can put them in my "The Real Holiday List".
when i have my holiday,my other friends have their final exam or already begin second semester.
holiday without any activities is like >


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