JJF 2010

having a lot of tasks and feeling so hectic everyday. for a refreshment, yesterday i went to JavaJazz Festival 2010 at JIExpo.opening by Maliq and closing by Glenn Fredly.and other artists like Endah 'N Rhesa,Monita,and Breakestra.i wish i could watch more international artists but at JIExpo it's a lil bit far to reach one stage to another stage.crowded and scalding.actually prefer JCC.
and i'm still remembering about JJF 2009.like Febri said to me yesterday,"it's been a year kar !"
yeah right,it's been a year.
take a look fella ;)

they are the performers

we are the audience

and i'm the cosmer :)

au revoir

courtesy:mezky matthew yandito pardede

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