when i wish upon a star

my wish lists :

black legging(i always use mom's)

bag-not-backpack (with all that kind of my colourful backpacks and i only have one handbag)
flat shoes (the beads on my black flat's were lost :'( )

high heels (with all of my sneakers,as a woman,yes i need high heels)

SONY BLOGGIE!! (i want this, i want this!i've less documentation in my courtesy)

looks like i'm so into fashion.haha.they're just wish lists.but i hope they'll come true.

actually i've coup de neuf's ticket at bumi sangkuriang for this saturday night.i really want to watch funny little dream and frau.then the heavy rain,cold air,internet,hot chocolate.they are the reason i choose dorm instead of music stage.maybe next time i can see your performance ,funny little dream.i really want to.i wish i can see you guys,live.

two weeks later i'll have my second semester final test.so nervous.can i keep my GPA like the first semester?God gives me your mercy.Amen.

and i wish a good luck for all of you who prepare for all kind of test(mid test,final test,university test).

Hardwork,Pray,and Believe! :)

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