Bang bang bang another bang

Mrs. Hogenson on The Incredible ?

Yeah i think Mrs. Hogenson is much look alike me. Although she's short(which is so different with me) but she's smart so that's fine.

My auntie who cut my bang called me "Meilan" because i look alike chinese.

See my lovely reliable red backpack behind me? Am going to Jogja today on 9pm with Mondang and Ervay. Had a bad experience using 36riburupiah's train a year ago but there's nothing much left in my pocket and we'll spend a week there. So facing the pickpocket, stinky and stuffy air, the possibility to burping and farting all the time, akua and mijon seller distraction while sleeping, using Progo is the unwise decision.
Not packing my things yet. Too busy(and lazy) to move my ass from this couch.

Wish me have a safe trip ;)


  1. hyaaaa funnyy pictures :D .Just found out your blog n i like it ;)

  2. cute hair! cute blog ;)