Hey Ben 10!

You're growing too fast because playing that GTA and Bully too often.
You know too much with saying inappropriate words and phrase.
You're playing too much until your scores are really worst.
You're being peevish when you didn't get what you want.
You’re a seeker-attention when my friends came over.
You're watching cable TV too much so you’re acting goofy about having date with your girlfriend at movie and fine dining.
You're playing game too much that your English amaze me.
You're listening radio too often, Katy Perry and Black Eyed Peas could make you grooving.

Grandpa said that you got huge guts to have a fluent English conversation.
Grandma and mom said that you will be a playboy.
My friends said that you will be an annoying teenager in the future.

You keep mom joyful with your appearance.
You listen to my unimportant story while i was being superly-mellow.
You make sister laugh when you are in her room.
You make dad proud because you are his one-and-only-manly-partner.

Time moves fast. Date flies fast. You're 10 like Ben (Ben 10, your favorite cartoon :p)

We fight. We cry. We laugh. We smile. You’re still the little baby that growing and knowing too much.

Happy 10th Birthday, Dimas Aditya Tjondro!
My superfun, duperannoying, luperloveable, fuperhyperactive brother.

Sorry for not be home. Have a wonderful and special birthday party. Hoping Father Jesus gives you perfect weather, lots of your mates and relatives are coming over and give you massive gifts.

Be good and keep silly. I love you.

hugs and kisses,

Kakak Karin :)

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