The City of Churces

Right after all the business during three weeks holiday finally i had such a religious escape. With my travel-in-crime, Oci, we went to Manado.

Intermezzo. My mom's sister-in-law, who is my aunt, has sister. Her sister has husband who is my aunt's brother-in-law. And in Manado i stayed with my aunt's brother-in-law family.

Okay forget it. Too complicated.

I'm a greedy eater. There, pork everywhere. I hail pork, Ragey notably *really you guys, the pork-eater, should try it*. Also the hardcore taste of the sambal or chili. Sambal roa, sambal rica, dabu-dabu. Even they eat fried banana with chili. Tasty. Got horrible stomachache on third day. I had gained 3 kilos for only 5 days. Insane, huh? Luckily i already lost it after back home.

In Manado we could see a lot of churches every meter of the street. Christian is the major religion here. We had a chance to see Bukit Doa, Bukit Minut, Linau Lake, Tondano Lake, Kema Beach, Waruga. The trip had opened my eyes about the mighty of God.

Thank you for your kind hospitality Oma Evi, Tante Maya, Om Obby, Om Reli, Tante Siska, Om Heri, Tante Esye & family, Tante Fonny & family, Om Michael & family. We had a pleasure trip.
And also thanks Tante Mona who suggested Manado. Om Ruddy and Tante Hilen who contacted their relatives in Manado so we got a warmest stay.

Planning to go back there for the chances of diving Bunaken and sight-seeing Tangkoko National Reserve :)

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