College Mate

Faculty of Communication Unpad Bandung
Communication Management 2009

28 people (actually there're 29) of my creative-smarty college mate. Finally mid semester was over. I think i put a big effort for this one. But theory communication frustrated me because i was too focused study on political communication, which were scheduled on the same date. Ahh, just hoping for the best.

This is Friday. I've planned to have short visit to Ujung Genteng with Melly, Ratri and the others. But Melly all of sudden have family thingy on Saturday. Only Ratri and Adil who stick with the plan. Just imagine i walk behind and see them as a couple enjoying the beach waves. haha nah, just kidding. So plan doesn't go well.

Now am ending inside this comfy bedroom. Seeking for a bags of idea.

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