Sorry For Party Rocking

Depapepe ~ Oh gosh how i hated myself for missing 'Summer Parade' song. Blame the traffic jam. I came on their 2 last songs. This guys were awesome with all that beauty melody i've heard since 2008. Wish i could come earlier.

Mike Posner ~ Girls attraction, aight? Please Don't Go, Cooler Than Me. I stood beside the speaker and i think the bass was too much compare with the treble so i was a lil bit deaf. But i enjoyed his energy.

LMFAO ~ LMFAO Rock the beat and rock the show! It was the first time i wasn't really enthusiastic to stand in front of the stage. Not because i'm not fascinated but because i need a 'huge' space for shuffling! Haha. So took the middle space at festival. And they did really good work with the beat. Everysong i'm shufflin tetetetetetetet ~

Thanks Cimeng and Oco for the night xo