How Was Your 2011?

These are my 2011 highlights. So here they are :

  • Big family trip to Bintan and Singapore with mom, dad, brother, sister, aunty, uncle, and all of my cousins. That was a very good trip to boost my mood on the beginning of 2011
  • NeYo concert. Unfortunately, I lost my first digital camera – Sony Bloggie – there. So it was such a very sad beginning :”(
  • Senja screening. My first short-film script. And I’m happy with the result of the film.
  • Manado trip with Oci. C’mon Ci let’s have another trip together!
  • Volunteer for Erwin Gutawa’s concert. Became a volunteer means I got a chance to watch the concert for free.
  • Junior high school mates (read: GG) coming to Bandung. That was a fun 2 days 1 night trip.
  • Live and Rocking by Blackberry. Yeah because of free ticket so I wouldn't missed it. Attending this concert made me realize how krazey K-Pop fans are :P
  • I had an interview with one of the famous radio network in Indonesia for social media position. But because they located in Jakarta and I should stayed in Bandung for college, so I must let go that chance. Too bad.
  • I tried for a musical theater audition and failed :P but that’s making me more keen to try and try.
  • Mom, Nadya, and Dimas visit to Bandung. That was memorable because I could counted how many times they visited me there.
  • Mom, Dad, Nadya, and Dimas another visit to Bandung
  • Had the courage to follow MC casting for a TV show. But naaa, another failed :P
  • Followed Greenpeace volunteer orientation. Though I was only came once and never taking part on their other activities but the orientation really opened my eyes about the environment condition around the world especially Indonesia.
  • Summer trip to Bintan.
  • My first internship. At one of my favourite bookstore. Ak.sa.’ra. So happy. Met a lot of new people. Had many experiences. And so much fun. Thank you Mbak Dinda for the opportunity :-)
  • Had the courage to cut my hair in an extreme way. Pixie hair and I love it. A few shampoo could reduce your expense.
  • Eyang Ko’s funeral. That was my first time having a sad moment with my closest relative. Rest in peace Yang :_)
  • Bali trip with Mondang. Seeing another side of Bali, very first time diving. Such a fun trip with Mondang and Kak Busuk :-)
  • Gaby’s wedding. Finally I got friend who already married.
  • Voice of Indonesia audition. And I got it! VOI is a group of singer sharing their joy of singing coming from different ages, religion and social backgrounds.I went back and forth Bandung - Jakarta - Bandung almost twice a week but that's not a prob. This is one of my best highlight of 2011 cause i got so many cool experiences about music with them.
  • New phone. And broken in the next 4 months cause my fault T.T
  • Performed with Dewargon at Ekel’s brother wedding. I missed the guys so much and had time with them was such a mood-booster.
  • Java Soulnation was awesome. LMFAO especially. They successfully made all the crowd shuffling.
  • Performed at musical theater: Opera Batak at Taman Ismail Marzuki. Hoping VOI and I could perform it again on another occasions and another country. Amen
  • The Script concert. They made all the crowd sang along but that was too short performance.
  • VOI Christmas Performance at Jakarta’s mall; Plaza Indonesia, EX, Pacific Place, Central Park, and Mal Taman Anggrek. And I could finally put make up from blush on to fake eyelashes all by myself. And VOI really cures my longing with music and stages after Dewargon's long vacuum.
  • 20th birthday. When 20th started, people having bigger responsibility for their life. It’s like the phase of mature life for some people.
  • Another trip to Bintan and Singapore with family for a week. But KKN on January 2nd to Subang made me had to come back to Bandung on January  1st. I wish I could stay a little bit longer oh I wish.
And so many other ups and downs.
But I’m being thankful cause God giving me many wonderful opportunities so I could learned from all the experiences.
Let's hope 2012 will give You and I another surprises.


  1. Kariiinn, magang di Aksara gimana caranya? *.*

  2. Kasih CV-mu aja Nat ke Aksara manapun :-D