Love Garage

Another quiz winning. It's just as simple as answer the quests on Love Garage website with a tablespoon of imagination and a teaspoon of creativity, then I got the ticket for free.

Agrikulture did a really entertaining stage act. Speaking of the vocalist, like Aang said, I think he was a lil bit high. Hmm maybe not just a lil bit. He's not LMFAO member but maybe he thinks he sexy and he knows it, so took off his pants in front of the crowd wouldn't be a prob.
Bag Raiders.  I was actually coming for them. Not a big fans but listener to few of theirs. They were gooodddd. Their music really brought my kinetic energy rose up rapidly. Shooting Stars closed their performance and all the crowd went hands-up-in-the-air.
Rory Phillips. Bringing some of his sound, he was calming the crowd after Bag Raider's and preparing the moods for Röyksopp.
Röyksopp. Came all the way down from Norway with the light-bulb jacket, fur mask, robot head, sack outfit and headpieces. They visualized the combination of electronic music and art of fashion pieces.
Erol Alkan. He really knows how to made the kids dancing. From London to Jakarta and he closed the dancing night with fun.

And and and overall Love Garage was massive! I love how Ismaya decorated the venue, the sound, the projector visualization. And the various crowd from high schooler with their odd dance, party goers with totality of their make-up, poser who already tweeted "ROYKSOPP! AMAZING!" before the show even started, office worker still with their suit on, and the girl who loves to dance and have fun (read: me).

Thank you Dimensions and Ismaya Live. I had so muchhhhooo fun :))


  1. nice to know your blog kak, i followed u since last year, would u like to follow me back? :)


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    1. And I just realized, you're Agrikulture's vocalist haha. Thanks btw :)