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Trio Lestari, Dave Koz, D' Sound, Soil and PIMP Sessions. Yup, four to-watch-list performer.

Trio Lestari. As first I thought Tompi, Glen, and Sandy would sing entirely as a trio, doing cover. But the point of their performance was each one of them got a chance to perform individually then they did a lil bit stand-up comedy, and at last they delivered the social message through speech and sang the cover of Garuda Pancasila as a trio.

Dave Koz. I grew up with his beautiful saxophone tune, beside Kenny G. His playlist played all around cafe, even book stores or department stores. Dad, a jazz listener, he supposed to be my companion that night. But highschool friends wouldn't be a matter. He's so charming that all the crowd really enjoyed his performance. Opened with Indonesian hit list, he already caught our attention and made us stayed for approximately one hour. Featuring with 57kustik, Bandung street musician, at the closing, he showed his enchantment and modesty. Next time he come, I will bring Dad and Mom to watch his live performance.

D' Sound. Another Norwegian musician. Norway have great taste of music, ya. Me love it.
And D' Sound, wow, I never thought I would be really enjoying their music. They sound so much much much better live. Communicative and interactive stage act, one big point for you Simone :-) . I love you Simone and Jhonny~ And by the way, if you wanna see the combination between James Franco and Chris Martin then you should definitely find out about D' Sound additional guitarist.

Soil and PIMP Session. Still remember on 2009, one of the memorable Java Jazz I've ever attended, Soil and PIMP Session performed for the first time in Indonesia and I was one of the witness. Came from Japan and they gone wilddd. Sophisticated music turned out entertaining with the appearance of Shacho. Who's Shacho? Watch their video then :-P. Enjoying Death Jazz have never been that good.

By the way, two years ago was one of my worst JJF experience because the lunatic traffic and indescribable crowd . This year, the committee shot the right segment. Not too crowded like two years ago. And the traffic was nice also.

Nice line-up, good crowd, friendly traffic, and a little reunion.
That what I could say as a conclusion for Java Jazz Festival 2012.

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