This is going to be a lil bit short reflective post. Affected by the drama of Titanic 3D, I've some enlightenment came to my mind all of sudden.

If you've already seen the whole movie, in the end while old Rose fell a sleep, you'd see the photo of young Rose riding a horse on the beach with the background of roller coaster. And that scene freeze for about two secs before moving along to the other photos.

And do you remember the conversation between Rose and Jack on the deck, next day after they met for the first time, when they spoke about how life treat them. Rose with her lack of freedom and Jack with his flow-like-a-river enjoyable live. With this dialogue:

Rose: Why can't I be like you Jack? Just head out for the horizon whenever I feel like it. Say we'll go there sometime to that pier. Even if we only ever just talk about it.
Jack: No, we'll do it. We'll drink cheap beer, we'll ride on the roller coaster til we throw up, then we'll ride horses on the beach, right in the surf--now but you'll have to do it like a real cowboy, none of that side saddle stuff.
Rose: You mean one leg on each side?
Jack: Yea.
Rose: Can you show me?
Jack: Sure, if ya like.

Not a sensational dialogue as "I trust you!" or "You jump, I jump." But those two scenes, Rose's photo and Jack's idea, very related to each other. I'm an observer, huh?

My point is, sometimes there's certain faith between you and someone, that you still keep in your mind though you're apart for a really long time.

Faith, dreams, promises, ambition, whatever. You name it.

Who's the "someone"? Whoever. It could be your lover / ex-lover. Childhood friend that you've never met for a really long time. Your grandparents who already passed away. Even someone you just knew for a very short time, like Jack and Rose did. Whoever they are. Someone with a very special meaning in your life.

Growing apart because distance, situation, or an over relationship.

Whoever the person is, whatever the reason is, you still put that faith closely to your mind.
They'd still be the part of your life-purpose, the reason that you still believe in no matter what happen.

So, do you ever feel the same way as I do ? :)

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