Unchained Melody

Once upon a time. A big city somewhere in the universe. Each citizen living peacefully with their own life-mystery; faith, dream, love, past, present, future. 

A boy. Having his own world. Expressing himself with the guitar key, putting some effort to stay awake until the late at night. For him, bright ideas come at night.

A girl. Living in uncertainty. Sipping her coffee every night to make sure she'd still widely awake. Watching the boy from a distance. Wondering, what's the boy doing all night long with the guitar. Yet, she just keep silent. No guts, just stare and wonder.

Nothing, nothing the girl can do. 

The dawn has come, she fall asleep. She fly away. Her dream swarming all over the sky when there's no limit, no boundaries. Telling her wishes to astronaut to let her dream going outer-space. So it'd be blurry. No need to worry about the uncertain-future. 

Brand new day. Life is moving forward. 

Still, for her there's nothing change.

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