Beach Live

Beach Live. A rave party on Kuta's beach side with sands as a dance floor, stars as the disco lamp, and night sky as the rooftop.

Bali's traffic jam was crazy enough to boil my temper. And the weather was windy enough to make me shiver the whole day and night. I couldn't imagine what the women-with-less-fabric-on-their-body would feel.

Let's speak about the crowd. Bunch of Indonesian highschoolers / university student / fresh graduate (?) having their summer vacation and seemed like they really “enjoy” the night. But mostly, the crowd are foreigners who seeking some fun. Looked like they really know how to have fun, even there's a family who brought along their baby and little girl.

And I watched the show all by myself. Literally. Why? Because my 16-years-old sister isn't kind a girl who interested for a party. Also impossible to bring my 11 years old lil brother, because I believe he'd rather play with his iPad than accompany me. I could ask my mom or dad to join, but how about their other kids, right? So instead I left the chance to join this party, I prefer to go alone.

Could you imagine coming to a dance party alone? No? You should try it though, dancing with yourself in the moonlight and getting loose. It was like doing reflective meditation in a fun way.

Flight Facilities. Two cute Djs wearing white shirt and pilot cap. I came 30 minutes before they finished their performance, so only got a chance to enjoy 4 of their songs. Gratefully, 'Crave You' was their last song.

Ladyhawke. To be honest, I never heard any of her songs. Still, I enjoyed her performance. Her band members are so good-looking with messy long hair, beard and dashing style while playing their instruments. Hawt!

Kitsune. Too bad the sound system went down in the middle of their performance. So the crowd's mood were a lil bit down for multiple times. But they brought nice tune and beat.

Finished straight on 12 pm WITA, Beach Live had given me one of the cool experience of rave party for the very first time.

"Mommy took me to a rave party!"  

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