What's on June?

New baby but pretty sure i'll use it only a few times.
Free red velvet cupcake. Plus drinking lots of water at the office. Lately i'm easily get thirsty till i lost on count how many times i went back and forth to the toilet.
Had lovely weekend with family. And another romantic novel to read.
Love at the first sight with this silvery espadrilles. And that's my mom's flat shoes :P
Bawang Merah Bawang Putih musical. Colorful, entertaining, and nice music. First day watched the show for free with Marcomm team and got the front seat. Third day i worked as usher. Met two casts, Andra and Ka Dery, two friends from Voice of Indonesia (VOI). Also met VOI fellows who watched the show on third day. I miss all the musical thingy ! :")
It's July 2012 already, super fast~

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