Jakarta Souvenir Design Award 2012

please Karina, sit in a more proper posture -__-
my view for six days straight
Winner for Professional Category (Wahyu Bagus - iPhone case)
Winner for Favourite Design Category (Mariska & Hans - Kembang Goyang)
Winner for Public Category (Karamina Talita - Delicacy of Betawi Culinary)
Winner for Student Category (Rinandita A. - Book(Oe) )
Not the winner, but my favorite one!
Winner for Best Design Category (Eridanie - Joged Jakarta)
Senayan City's ceiling looks like a wafer / bug's back (?)
One of the design from id12 (a group of professional designers from Indonesia). I do love this, I would buy if they sell it. Too bad it was just a prototype.
Kampung Kemang booth
With two most helping guys from Marketing Communications of Esquire and Hello Magazine, Gian & Mas Kurnia 

Jakarta Souvenir Design Award 2012
August 8th - 12th 2012
Senayan City

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