After Job Training Session

Feeling relieved now. On Friday, I've done my Jobtraining session, which went smooth and great. The lecture gave me 2 weeks for the revision then we'll get the score. 

Sooooo my weekend was simple yet fun.
Woke up early in the morn, did a quick make-up, then off to Terogong. Had a photo shoot with VOI for Singapore performance promo on December, at Esplanade! Yessss, I'm so very thrilled!!!!!
After that, met my family at PIM. Had lunch at Sushi Tei. Why salmon should be that good; soft salmon sashimi, super crunchy salmon skin maki. And this choco cookie ice-cream is very delicate. Second best after the chocolate wafer. 

And by the way, I always couldn't stand the temptation of imported book store. Periplus is my most favorite one. They sell new imported books with good and reasonable price. And what I love the most about this place? They are super nice when it came to discount. You can get this 6 books (3 hardcover & 3 softcover) only for 130k. Though those are old published books but I called it investment!
Nowwww I need to think about the title of my THESIS \ SKRIPSI !!!!!!  

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