I Know What I Did This Summer

my public transportation for every single each day
Good morning Sudirman!
Look, that's my daily red sexy Kopaja.
Aaaaa, I miss Kosgoro lantai 19....
My last day duty, helped Hello Concert's artist photoshoot
Mbedongsol full-of-fun team
left-right (Gian, Gema, Mas Henry, Mbak Rosa, Dime, Mas Kurnia)

What have you done with your holiday, Karina?
From June-August, I had a summer internship in Marketing Communication division at MRA Printed Media. I mainly handled 3 magazines; Esquire, Hello!, and Cosmopolitan.

Still remember five months ago. I've sent my CV via post.
Two weeks without any update so I phoned them. Bad news they didn't receive any CV on behalf of my name. The point is, my CV was lost :"(
So few days later, I gave my CV straightaway to their office at Thamrin. Another weeks passed by, no phone, no email.
Felt anxious, I decided to call human resources division.
"Oh okay. Let me check your application first. Please call us 3 hours later."
Then I called again. Good news, they told me to come for interview.
I had my interview with the HRD and my user (the marketing communication staff). It went well. But they told me to wait for another one week for the decision. Another waiting, huh?
A week later, i texted them for assurance. An hour later,
"Karina, kamu ditaruh di Cosmopolitan ya." :)
(so many "later" word)

And what you did there?
Basically, Marketing Communication is a division to handle an event; signature event or made-to-order event. Though, I interned for Cosmopolitan, Esquire, and Hello!; but I also helped other event that held by MRA Printed Media's magazines (ex: Teater Musikal Bawang Merah & Bawang Putih by Good HouseKeeping, Bazaar Art Jakarta by Harper's Bazaar and Casa by Bravacasa)

I've been dreaming to have an internship at MRA Printed Media since I've known there's Job Training subject for last semester. And for having the opportunity, I'm very overwhelmed. The staffs are great, friendly, open-minded. I adapted really fast, we just "click" that way. Thank you Mas Henry, Mbak Vebri, Tante Wenny, Mas Kurnia, Gian, Mbak Rosa, Gemala, Dime, and the rest.
I have a really really great three months. See you later, all :)

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