So what's going on with the Cosmology? 

The last post on February 2014 was so melodramatic, wasn't it? 
That was just a few week before my departure to extremely new place, new country. 
Australia. Sydney. 
My dad got job transfer here for a couple of years. So mom brother sister all moved along. 

I'll take this as an opportunity of never ending learning process. Since I'm really keen with media, I'm getting my master degree in Media Practice at University of Sydney. I've been studying there for the past 3 weeks and I could say it's amazing. I love the course, the lecturers, the building, the facility. I couldn't wait for the next class because you always get something new and exciting from the seminar. Though I'm still adapted with the never-ending reading and assignments load, but luckily I enjoy every process of it.

There are so many things I would like to share with you. 
But one point to be sure, everything is so freaking expensive here, I'm shocked to death. Otherwise I love it here.

By the way, last week I got this News Writing class with Pam. She's a journalist for some major local newspapers in Australia. She always shared her experience as a journalist. I asked her about one of the TV in Indonesia who is during interviews always asking, "How do you feel about this disaster/about your loss/*bla bla bla you shouldn't ask that question dumbass*?" 
Pam gave me that "blahhhh really?!" expression. "It's a silly question. It's a lazy journalism." whoopsieee....


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    1. Just come and visit me here soon deh...

  2. kariinnn, enak sekali ya dapet kesempatan master degree disana :3 goodluck!

    1. Natttt you should too, ke NYU! Amen? Amennn. Hehe. You should visit me here someday ya :)

    2. Super Amennnn!! hahaha. Yesss of course! Nanti jadi tour guide yah hahaha :p