Hi you,

We just walked for 4.5 k in 2 hours went around from Glebe to The Rocks. You were so quiet but you shared your stories. Sometimes you asked me questions. Sometimes I was the one who asked you. Sometimes I told you a story and your face like said, "What the fuck are you talking about?", you just didn't get my stories. Silence still.

But while we walked, we laughed at the same object. The men who did capoeira all by himself in the middle of the park, the fitness couple, the geeky skater guy, and the men spitting (and you imitated his spit disgusting voice :))

You suddenly became language tutor.
"Why you always said 'is it' in every last of your sentence. What did you mean to say anyway?"
"You always said 'yeps', it's not even a word. If you want to get along with each other, you 'gotta learn to pronounce it right."
Yeps! Alrighty mister!

We sat on the edge of the pier, saw the boat passed by, let the sun burned our skin.

"Why you making that face?" *sorry mate, I'm good at making silly face!*
And we looked at each other and you were the one who all of sudden made the silly face.

And most of the time, while we walked, you just put your hand around my shoulder, kissed my hair and said, "You're so cute."

Ciao! Have a nice trip. See you again, someday, maybe.

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  1. so...whenever you're ready to tell the story, Kar hahahaa