social networking virus

"In a research exercise covering 3,000 children it found that about a quarter of those aged between eight and 11 have a profile page on sites such as MySpace, Facebook and Bebo."


finally i went back to depok ,my lovely cup cup muach homey place i've ever been :)
and when i arrived at my house, dimas,my 9 years old miss able little brother, opened the door,hugged me and asked me directly to make him a facebook account .
i'm a little bit shocked .

dimas : kakak bikinin aku facebook donk .
karin : ihh ngapain kamu bikin facebook ?
dimas : temen-temenku pada punya facebook .
karin : nanti aja kalo kamu udah SMP baru bikin facebook .
dimas : kan biar aku bisa wall-wallan sama temenku .

wow this survey almost happened to my brother.what a reality!

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