grandparents moment

after arrived in my dorm,a strange number called me .and when i picked up the phone, there was no answer.
few minutes later the number called me again.
and someone talked,"rin,ini opa mau ngomong."
other voice,"rin kamu lagi dimana?kuliah ga?opa sama oma lagi di GKP Kebon Jati."
in such a big enthusiasm ,without any other questions and words,"oke,aku kesana sekarang ya."
my grandpa and grandma were in bandung. one of my grandma's relatives died. my deepest condolences for the rest of the family.
my grandparents went to bandung with my grandma's brother. before they called me,they actually wanted to give a little surprise:came to my dorm without telling me . but they had no direction bout the way to my dorm.so that's why i'm the one who approached them.
thanks for your kindness to visit me dear oma and opa.and thanks God for such a happy day.
i love you grandma and grandpa.so muccccchhhhhhhhh.
i miss you already :')

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