holiday review

the third day of second semester.and i want to tell you about my 3 weeks holiday after exam which was i said suck but okay ,here they are:

*nadya kirana's 14th birthday - 22nd january 2010.happy birthday to you,my little sister

*changed my bedroom color.sorry my friends who were ever put their “masterpiece” on my wall ,i need to erase all of your writing and painting.but don’t worry there is still one side of the wall i didn’t paint .



*had 2 cute little puppies from toska, my grandma's dog.but so sorry i couldn’t take their picture because toska always barked every time i went near.

*followed a drive course but i don't get my driver license yet.maybe 2 weeks later i'll back to depok and get it soon.

* became the part of Studio DG’s new film "Atala".hear my voice at the end of the film or listen now > http://www.last.fm/music/Ignadz/_/henyak. my voice is kinda funny with that silly sigh.see Atala at Blitz PVJ only on 15th February 2010.thanks to Jawa,Ignas,and Sando for the opportunity.keep up the good work guys!

*and the happiest moment of all, i got really high grade on my first semester academic index.Hallelujah! and my dorm-mate,vanesa ,also got the same grade as me.continue our good job co!

au revoir,



  1. thanks ignas.c'mon make the long-version of Atala ;).ajak-ajak ya kalo butuh suara hehe