FiM3 #4

the incomplete team because ratri who took the pict.sorry tri :p
finally, communication management's event was over!
Family in Mangga Malam Mingguan.5 films.discussion was heating up.all the audiences have their own impressions.
thanks for Studio DG-Jakarta(Atala),Bawah Tanah-Bandung (Nevermind),Deadlock Picture-Bandung(Pertanyaan Terakhir),Story Lab-Bandung(Rasa Rindu),Icon 27-Unpas (Seragam) for your participation.
thanks for all of you who were coming.
and after long time no perform,i had a chance to sing in front of the audience.seriously i felt so happy.the last time i performed was almost a year ago. :)
thanks ratri,fanny,melly,hasnah,cessy for the hard work.
keep up the spirit for this event's report , Wayah , and inter cultural communication!
au revoir,


  1. alo karin! makasih lho ud ngefollow. mari kita ngeblog bersama. hahaha. btw yg bener lw dh lama ga perform? trkhir grduation y?

  2. yukk mari.pokoknya terakhir tuh sebelum masuk kuliah.bulan juli deh.lama banget itu :/