chop chop chop

Dad gave me a surprise 2 days ago.he put it in my desk when he arrived home sooner than me.it was really surprising.i named him Blacky-Sennheiser who was born in May 15th 2010.i'll try my best to raise him well.i broke the old one in a white colour which i had since junior high.both side of the earpad still working with a clear sound but the right part broke and loose from the hole so it wasn't in the right position.as a lesson,i will take care the black one so seriously.Sennheiser,he is my new headphone.

And fyi,today i've cut my hair shorter.bob model kinda dora-looks with that straight bangs.this is my dream hair model since graduate but i didn't have any dare.so *chop chop chop* here it is.my sister don't like it but me likey very much.am i look more fresh or look more mature(older in a soft way to say)?

hey . i can be so mysterious . so dangerous . so unpredictable . and also . so lovable :)