my latest post gave you a suggestion bout being active in the concert.

But while i waited(note:WAIT not WATCH) for pitbull after saykoji's performance,there were a bunch of girls behind me.and these girls were super annoying .i thought they were too hyperactive.it's a concert,b*tch not a club.they screamed near my ears,wore a mini,smelt bad kinda cigarette.the java crew gave water,they got it opened it and the water splashed out and made my body became wet.
Hey put this on your mind b*tch,"it's a CONCERT not a CLUB"

but then, when pitbull getting started,DJ gave an awesome choices of nowadays songs from B.E.P to Lady Gaga.all the crowds were going nuts seriously.they danced and sang along.tadaaa,pitbull came into the stage.with the formal suit,a black sunny,shinny bald head,and the way he "shake that thang" ;tendor was getting hot.

forget about the bad experience that ruined my mood while waited;i screamed,jumped,danced,put my hands up in the air like dozens time.hey it already started after i waited ,baby. so it was a right time for being hyperactive.cause when a music starts,all you need to do is dance!

overall the concert was freaking awesome.thumbs up for the crowd who didn't stop dance from beginning until closing.dance-able beat from pitbull's songs made the crowd getting mad from one song to another.finally,i could attend a concert with an active(too active) crowd.even though there were 2 girls at the front row just stood still and almost did umm,nothing.fyi,i've got the third front row.and i saw manohara and her tall body with that wedges(melly who stood beside mano said her armpit smelt bad hahaha).and also nikita willy with a fully make-up and heels (what on earth were you thinking about wearing a heels to a concert?)

Pitbull ,u're hiphoping my night. \m/

me,ucan,melly,melly's mate
my partner in concert!


crowded crowds!
courtesy:christy suzanna , adrie subono's twitter

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