Snackie Oh.

the crispy lusty snack i eat all the time. toast+cheese slice+ceres+butter. oh god, they're such a gorgeous multiple choice of tremendous fat that i made into a snack i called "heavenly melt". and sometimes put it and soak it into a glass of hot or cold milk chocolate. it's getting fatty madly melty.haha

oci and i had a plan to have diet and do a lot of exercise in order to be delightfully sexy (jethro said it's an inappropriate phrase haha). we had 1 month and 3 weeks to go. less of carbo much of sweat. yeah but it sounds so hard to do considering that i'm on holi-heap-fat-day. so far still had nothing to do. 2 months of holiday. online all day long. nothing so interesting to do. gonna off from the boring routine 3 days later with my family. let's get some fun! ;)

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