While wait for buffering let me tell you something:

This is the very first film i've ever made. Though i ever made some experiments with handphone video camera back in highschool. Since junior high school i wish i could be a Film Director (btw i ever had a plan to attend film school).
But ended up at communication faculty isn't a bad decision at all. Got a chance to produce this short film for management communication 2009's orientation or stand as I-Comm 2010 with other 9 terrific crews from our-coincidence-production house-name "kotakide production"!

Huge thanks for ->
all these awesome people!

A week for script revision, a day for reading, two days of shooting at GOR Pajajaran, and three exhausting yet fun days of editing at Jawa's (seriously i love this place no matter how "tidy" his studio is (: ). We thanks God for the wonderful weeks and all the miracles during all the process.

Three days ago was the premiere of RUN with 2 other films from another teams. First is Fajar di Hari Minggu from Tesdung and friends (i like the detail shoot). The second is Halaman Terakhir from Vindy and friends (perfect tense music scoring and benyo-hanged-at-the door scenes was really shocking).

We're newbie. We're still learning. But we created this film full with passion and hard work.
Still we need your suggestions and criticism. Enjoy :D

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