Red Date

So today is Islamic New Year holiday. Staying all day long at Budasel.
Woke up with the limp body caused by this-suddenly-peptic ulcer. For the past 3 days at Depok i never ate late otherwise i ate like a hungry dumbass. My mouth couldn't stop chewing, drinking, swallowing lot of kind of foods. Sweet revenge for anak-kos \m/. And this ulcer is the stupid bad effect i should suffer caused ate TOO MUCH food ckck

Then i watched cable-tv from Fanboys (Star Wars really drive die-hard-adult-fans crazy, huh?) to Twilight (Not the big fans but the romance thingy between human and animal is amusing me :p). Also worked on Basic Logic's assignment about Preposition. Oh geez it's so hard to make sentences and conclude them logically.

Connect through this wire to kill the boredom. And hated the other new layout-update from Mark Zuckerberg. Booo

Tomorrow is Grandpa's birthday. Once again i couldn't be at home to celebrate his feast with the whole family. Sorry Opa :(

hey little brother and sister good luck with your semester exam :*

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