Powerpuff Girls Attacked The Night

Yesterday was I-Comming Awarding Night. My major's closing night after an exhausted yet fun month of orientation. With the dress code : Masquerade. So i put this powerpuff girl's mask as Bubble with Twenty as Blossom, Ratri as Buttercup, and Adil as Mojojojo. We're too odd till got lot of attention from others.

a quick info : If you wanna know what i spent most of my time and money for the past 39 days, please read freakyshine.blogspot.com. And fyi it's got a nomination for The Most Creative Blog.
And hell yeah, RUN got the award(s). Best Movie and Best Team. Absolutely an amazing feeling

It's Saturday night.
H-2 for oh-my-god-i-am-nineteenth


H-14 for Christmas

Hooray !

thanks aang for the picts

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