Welkom Negentien!

"Hello Nineteenth, i am scared of you. You make me feels old. Haha"

That's my tweet after replied all the mentions on my twitter and post on my facebook wall. Ya 19th feels much kinda different with 18th. It feels like you're getting closer to 20th. And you're being compel to be mature and must prepare for facing the real world out there. haha lame

By the way, i had so much fun today. Had my monday morning routine. After that forcing my thumbs to push the keypad and keyboard saying Thank you. Oh dear friends you're such a kind persons with your words and wishes, i feel really blessed to have you all.
Got a call from grandpa and mom. Also heard grandma said happy birthday via voice mail. So cute.

Then got a meeting with Film Seken to discuss about our film production. Ahh c'mon guys we're almost an half year with all the pre-production. Let's start the shooting!

Couldn't stay too long because gotta catch my Dutch's course. And today lesson is about "
Gefeliciteerd" haha really fit with my day.

And the night is the best part of all. Met the girls on karaoke. Singing and dancing like crazy. After that we had a small lovely dinner at Sanade. Such a cozy place with good taste, fast served, and friendly servant.
The girls gave me three surprises with the cake, blueish blouse with cute-travel-clothes bag, and surprise coming from Ekel and Bimon :))

Back to Buds. Sleep with the new ages full with passion, smile, hopes, and dreams.
Thank you all. I love you :*

Haterlijk Gefeliciteerd Putri Karina !

thanks fanny for the picts

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