Where are you Bloggie? :(

Argggh. A mix up feeling between happy, sad, pleased, disappointed, and MAD.

Neyo was superb. He's sweet, attractive, sexy, and vulgar (specifically with "One in a Million" part). I still couldn't believe that i had a chance to see his live performance. And lucky me, i got the front row. Left side second row. Got plenty of photos and his live performance's recorded.

But but but !
After all the wild orgy with the dance and sing along thingy.
I feel messed up. I didn't remember how it was gone. The last thing i remember, i took photos with Melly after Neyo's performance and put it inside my purse. Then i accompanied Melly bought tee's outside the concert hall, still in the Istora area. There, i opened my purse put some sticker and postcard from the tee's booth without notice anything bizarre. Outside the concert hall we went around to see couple booths. Decided to take another photos with Neyo's background and when i tried to reach the Bloggie then tadaaa it was exactly not there. I shocked. Speechless. Panic attacked. :''''((
Desperately got no idea was it took by thief or fell down when i opened my purse. Stupid me.

We had asked the committee, the sweeper inside the concert hall and i realized it's completely gone. Clueless.

Bloggie accompanied, documented,recorded all the occasions and feeling. Much. Too much.

This is the post when i got Bloggie for the first time. Not even a year :'(

Oh God give me the power of let go, please!

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