Better Late Then Never

It's so effing late, but Happy Cosmic Year 2011. Woot woot.

I had so much to tell. Big family vacation to Bintan and Singapore on New Year which i got sea sick on a first day. Pathetic. But i enjoyed the rest amusing week. Tough i wasn't so entertained by the huge fireworks at Marina Bay. There were no countdown (at my spot) so when it was happened with the light and boom sound for about 5 minutes, i was like "Okay that's it? Already 2011?"
Ya but i shopped and got 85% of my wish-lists :p

After the lovely vacation, i've dedicated my time to study. Geez, final test semester already? It was so hard to gather the spirit when you were still in vacation atmosphere. Brought all the papers, notes and handouts from Bandung. Back to Bandung a night before the test. SKS(Sistem Kebut Semalam) was the chosen one. Caused of that, i wasn't really sure about my only-three-days final tests result. Please God give me the best-est!

And now it's time for another holiday. Rumor says we'll have one free month. Perhaps i'll be piggy if practicing "The Art of Doing Nothing" the whole month.

Still i have my Dutch's and Senja film editing also another fashion tips articles. But i really wanna go travel. Sadly i don't find anyone who interesting to join my trip. Anyone?
Okay let's browsing!

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