Guinness Arthur's Day 2011

Hello Cosmic reader. Here's the review of the Guinness Arthur's Day on Central Park, November 12th 2011. I came on 8pm right at the opening performance by Mike's Apartment. So here they are...

Mike's Apartment 
It's my first time watched them. They played several tracks from U2 and Coldplay. They also played one of their songs title "Alay", and I could say it's a funny song with catchy lyric. As a Jakartans, public transportation is "Kerasss brooo" :) If I wasn't wrong, they only played one of their own track. I actually prefer them to give balance portion between their own songs and other artist songs.

Gugun and The Blue Shelter
Still remember the first time I watched their live performance on 2010 as a guest for Java Jazz audition at Bandung. It was like love at the first hearing. Three guys with a real talent. And got a chance to watched them again as an opening for The Script is still amazed me. I really enjoyed their performance.
One thing really annoyed me is there was this group stood beside me and when GBS played one of the girl said,"Berasa keren banget deh." (They think they're cool, huh?). Damn, I was laughed inside and felt pity for them not to enjoy such a cool performance from local musician with international talent. Yeah, I know it's about taste. But sorry girl, you're so tasteless. And when Gugun asked the crowd,"Do you enjoy our music?", one of the guy from the group screamed,"No!"
Geez are they deaf? Haha

The Script
Wohooo The Script oh The Script. I've been waiting for them since so long. Thanks Fanny and Kak Ayu for helped me bought the presale ticket.

They have strong fanbase here in Indonesia, huh? The crowd sang along in almost every 13 songs they played. I was waiting for If You See Kay and Long Gone = Dead Walking, too bad they didn't play it. At first I'm shocked all the crowd could sing out loud their lyrics, but in the midst when I looked at the giant big screen on my left right side, I realized all the lyrics were displayed there. Ohhhh pantes....

I first listened to them on 2008, the very time they had The Man Who Can't Be Move on the music market. And the gotcha feeling after listened to the song led me to CD store and bought their first album. Still remember, I played their CD on one of my friend's car and I was so excited suggesting them to listen and buy it. But they weren't realize how good is their songs, until they got The-Man-Who-Can't-Be-Move fever. This song ever became hits on Indonesia, aimed for the broken hearted people who couldn't forget their past and still hoping for a good chances ( read: galau). Maybe I'm one of Indonesian who listened to theirs before another Indonesian recognized their meaningful romantic songs. The Script always making sweet-mostly-sorrowful lyrics with a very ear catchy tune. Though when my mom listened their Science and Faith album, she thinks all the track heard all the same. Haha

And I'm feeling stupid till now, not to recharge my phone so I didn't got any chance taking picture of the euphoria there. It was a total off right after I arrived at the venue. Dang. So I didn't have any documentation and need to get picture stocks from others.

Btw, after the concert, Ucan, Selly, Mute, and I decided having late dinner. Then we went to Roti Bakar Wiwied at Fatmawati. When we arrived and ordered, I realized half of the customers also came from Arthur's Day. I knew it cause all of them wearing the same entrance sign bracelet as I am. So from West Jakarta to South Jakarta they decided coming to the same place like us, fulfilled the hunger with toast. Such a coincidence.

So the conclusion, It was too quick one hour performance. Me wanting more from The Script. And too bad there's no free flow of Guinness. :p

photo(s) from selly

photo from fanny
uyeahh finally ;D

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