One Day

One Day. One of my favourite novel. Hmm maybe the most favourite one. My summer reading back in June 2011. I'm so in love with it. Sweet and heartbreaking at the same time. And I'm so excited knowing there's a movie of it. Too bad no cinema in Indonesia screen the film. Big booooo. So let's spin the DVD!

I hate Emma's outfit. She's not that old fashioned. That fringe dress she wore on the scene "i love you Dex but i don't like you anymore" makes her thigh look wider. And the green tosca pencil skirt in '04 scene looks as if its 90's.

Why there's no India and Paris scene when they wrote letters to each other? Why there's no scene when they spent holiday together with each other lover? Why there's there's no scene when they finally played scrabble together?And lotta why oh why...

Though the storyline's too jumpy but the director got the picture of every year stories beautifully. All the set are exactly like what I've been imagining. The apartment they first met. Dexter's parents house. Largin It show. Emma's Spanish fast food restaurant. The hills.
Really put a smile in my face.

Anne Hathaway was a lil bit odd with the accent, sometimes good but much gone, but still she fits Emma Morley both behaviorally and physically. Jim Sturgess always got the moment especially when he grew older.
Ya they aren't a best couple but they've good chemistry and complete each other. They do really impressed me.

For people who never read the novel, they won't get the chemistry they've been built since 15 July 1988. So i do really suggest you to read it cause it's good :)

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