Hair Personality Test

After took Your Hair Personality test (How you wear and treat your hair can say a lot about you. Find out your hidden personality based on the very public forum off the top of your head.)
And the result is:
With your 35 % you are: You are a short and sassy chick. Utilitarian but wild, the best do for you is short, spiky, gelled and a funky color. You view life as a roller coaster ride full of change and fun. Sometimes, however you can cross the boundaries. Be you, not just different for different's sake. 14 % from 27073 test takers had this profile!
But you have almost become this: 
With your 35 % you are: You are a long-haired lovely. You do not take change well, and think little of current styles. You like classic beauty, but take care not to get in a rut. Your best do is well-maintained, longer than shoulder-length hair. Experiment with updos and hair accessories to your heart's content.
And that you are not at all: 
With your 30 % you are: You are a medium-haired maven. Stylish yet moderate, you would never go out on a limb with your looks or your ideas. A good diplomat, nevertheless, sometimes you have to stand up for what you believe in. Your best do is a bob, ear to chin length with enhancement of your natural color.

I've been through all those chick, lovely, and maven hairstyles. I'm thinking about growing my hair longer. Or should I keep it shorter and shorter?


  1. *berhubung postingan lw pake bahasa Inggris, maka komentar gw juga pake bahasa Inggris* Thanks to you, i did the test too. To be honest, i don't understand how to read the result. Is that a result or a explanation? anyway, about the last question you got there, i prefer you grown again your long hair. Just like old times in high school. Much prettier, i guess :p *i'm not flirting, just IMO :)

    1. It's both a result and explanation. The higher percentage tells you about your closest personality. Terus result lo apaan ben? Itu quiz bukannya buat rambut cewek ya? hahaha
      Makasih loh complimentnya. Panjangin ah, kapan-kapan heeee

  2. Oh jadi itu tes buat rambut cewe? Pantesan aja, waktu gw ngisi juga gw bingung, ini apaan sih maksudnya? pertanyaannya kecewe2an semua. -___- So stupid i am, didn't realize that :p My result? take a guess, menurut lw aje kar, org tes bwt cewe, mang msh valid hasilnya bwt gw? hahaha :p Yeah, i vote for you to grown again your long hair :)