Novembre and November

Gonz for Earth music Concert at SME Tower. A lustrum celebration for the 25th anniversary of Gonzaga College and Wacana Bakti Minor Seminary. Quite exquisite. And it was really good to finally sang the march again. 
If you wondering, what's the meaning of my band's name "Dewargon", I'll tell you here.
In high school, our members came from Social and Science class. So It's the combination of the terms Dewa and Argon. Argon as you know is the name of chemical unsure so it represents the science class. And Dewa is quite special. He is our killer (in a good way) yet charming Sociology teacher so he represents the social class. He is one of the teacher that taught us lots of lessons. Back in high school, he called me Kumala. And I didn't know why, it was kinda mystery.
When I met him in the concert, he forgot me a little. But after the boys said," Kumala pak Kumala." He recognized me then :)
Some of Gonz #20 alumni who attended the concert. 
Nice place at Coffee War, Kemang.
So, can't wait for the Gonzaga College's grand reunion on November 16th with twenty-five generation. Who's coming?

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