Future is In Your Hand

"Jadi pengen sekolah lagi kan?"

"This makes you wanna take another degree, yes?"

Yup, that's what my thesis supervisor said to me after showing almost 400 pages of her phenomenological research for doctoral degree. And then I realize something, about future.

To be honest, until now I still don't know what am I going to do next after I graduate.

Am I going to have a job and do the same routine every single day?
Am I going to spend a few months doing internships until I find my "ship"?
Am I going to get another degree?
Am I going to do music with my life?
Am I going to wait for a right guy to marry me?

*The last one sounds so lame haha*

I think this is happening with several grad students out there.

"Is this what I want?"
"Is that what I really want?"
"Am I sure?"
"Am I going to follow this path?"

Those are the questions I've been thinking lately.

For you who already found your deepest passion and planning your future, I salute you.
And for who haven't, keep finding. Cause me too.


  1. nice words!


    1. thanks Naya, you still have a long awaited journey :)

  2. we have the same puzzle

    1. Really? I thought you've found it. High five then. haha