Hot Guy Alert!

Yesterday I watched 10 Things I Hate About You. 

Right now I'm at library. 

I should do my international media practice assignment. 

But I googled "10 Things I Hate About You" and I just knew Heath Ledger is the main actor. 
And I was like "Oh my God he's Heather Ledger *rest in peace man!*. Dayum! He's good-looking with that long hair."

Then I decided to put aside my assignment and play with google.

 I compiled all my favorite guys in the world -i like to exaggerate something- my type of hot guys. 

Here they are!

  1. John Mayer (Who doesn't love him?) 
  2. Ryan Gosling (I wonder what did his mom eat while pregnant) 
  3. Orlando Bloom (I wish he is Legolas in the real world) 
  4. Alex Scally (Beach House guitarist, he makes me feel like I'm in holiday at beach (?) )
  5. ? (MY FUTURE!) 
  6. Mischa Candrawinata (the only Indonesian actor that caught my eye)
  7. Kit Harington (John Snow lover here)
  8.  Heath Ledger (hi sir, how's heaven?) 
  9. Beaker Best (Australian band's Sticky Fingers drummer, I like their vocalist too actually but i stay with Beaker here)
Okay back to assignment.

it made me confuse, why they are so look-a-like?!? 

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