Don't Think, Just Do It!

I've been wanting to dye my hair since four years ago but I did not have any guts to do it. 
And lately I've been thinking to get something greenish on my hair - I used to be very fancy with pink/purple/grey. Today I just passed by Doppelganger Hair at Enmore, Sydney. I just wanted to ask for price range but after Melissa the owner gave me suggestions and idea, I was like, "Fark, let's do  it now!"
I got my hair cut, bleached once with yellowish result and then dyed with this color. It took me about 3,5 hours but it  actually didn't feel that long. Melissa did such a wonderful job turning my boring black hair into this awesome color. 
Why it took me so long just to get my hair dyed!!!

ps. I also got my nostril pierced a week ago! It wasn't that hurt, at least not as hurt as my industrial piercing on my ear. So happy.